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No single person can encompass the entirety of knowledge in AI. Thus, we extend a warm invitation to all who are interested in contributing to the dissemination of AI knowledge through Our goal is to cater to K-12 educators, providing them with invaluable insights into how AI can be integrated into their classrooms and administrative tasks.

Ways to Contribute:

You can contribute to in two significant ways:

  • Blog Contributions: Share your written insights, experiences, and resources related to AI in the educational space. Our blog is text-centric and seeks to inform and inspire educators about AI's potential in K-12 education.
  • AI Leader Course Contributions: Participate in creating three-minute masterclasses that focus on imparting AI skills. These are designed to be concise yet comprehensive tutorials for educators keen on integrating AI into their curriculum.

Two Submission Rules:

If you're keen on contributing a blog post to, here's how you can ensure your submission aligns with our objectives and audience:

  1. Educational Relevance: Your submission must resonate with the K-12 education sector. We aim to be the go-to resource for educators looking to explore and utilize AI within their schools. Whether it's an innovative teaching method, an administrative application, or a case study, your content should help educators navigate the realm of AI in education.
  2. Open Curiosity: At, we approach AI with an open mind and boundless curiosity, rather than judgment. If your post was crafted with the assistance of AI tools, such as writing prompts or other resources, we encourage you to share these details, not because we think you're cheating, but rather because we want to LEARN from you! Our community values learning from one another's processes. However, we understand the need to protect proprietary information. Thus, while we encourage you to share resources that could benefit others, we respect your discretion regarding sensitive content.

Submission Process:

To submit your blog post for consideration, please follow these simple steps:

  • Prepare Your Submission: Craft your blog post or 3 minute video with our guidelines in mind. Ensure it provides value to K-12 educators interested in AI.
  • Submit Through Our Form: Access our submission form here. You'll be asked to provide basic information about yourself and your post. Please share your content via a Google Doc link, ensuring that the sharing settings allow us to view and comment on your document.

We're excited to see your contributions and to learn together about the vast possibilities AI holds for the educational sector. By sharing your knowledge, experiences, and resources, you're helping build a more informed and capable community of educators ready to navigate the future of teaching and learning with AI.

Content Submission Terms of Service

By submitting content to, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

  • Originality: You certify that your submission is original, has not been published elsewhere, and you are not concurrently submitting it to other publications. Videos may be posted on other video-sharing sites.
  • Rights: While you retain ownership of your content, you grant the unrestricted right to use, modify, adapt, incorporate, publish, and distribute the content in whole or in part, on AILeader's website and other channels for any purpose, without any form of compensation.
  • AI Disclosure: You agree to disclose the use and extent of AI in your content creation process for educational purposes and to help others learn.
  • No Compensation: You understand that your contribution is a guest post and does not entitle you to any form of payment or reciprocal exchange.
  • Release of Claims: Upon submission, you relinquish any claim to the manner in which chooses to use or not use your content, including its potential placement behind a paywall.

Your submission implies full agreement to these terms.

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1. I recorded my thoughts in

2. I used ChatGPT (using my brand snapshot) to rephrase so it sounded a little better. I can't share it becuase you can't share ChatGPT conversations that have generated images yet

3. I used ChatGPT to make an image, which got the words wrong, so I fixed that in Canva