Since ChatGPT was first introduced, I knew that I had to have a method for communicating with it so it would do what I wanted.

I created this prompt method specifically for educators to help them prompt AI in a way that made sense for them.

The PASS Method breaks it down so that it is easy to remember and implement.

P - Product - This is what you are asking it to do, be it create a worksheet, grade an essay, evaluate a teaching practice, make a picture.

A - Audience - This tells the AI who it is creating for, because you're not always the audience. Could be grade level, subject area, etc.

S - Specific Instructions - While prompt is more about the product, this is about details of the product you are asking it to create: details, details, details!

S - Scope - Sometimes this is called the negative prompt - what do you want it to NOT do? Where do you want it to stop?

An example prompt:

(P) - Give feedback to a 7th grade english teacher based on the transcript from their class.

(A) - You are an instructional coach who is great at giving feedback.

(S) - Focus on the Danielson framework and understand the school is implementing RTI structures.

(S) - Don't give any feedback about the questions the teacher asked.