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I read an interesting article last week called Photoshop for Text.

It talks about this idea that Generative AI is going to be like photoshop for text, which I think is a great analogy.

Steph says,

In the near future, transforming text will become as commonplace as filtering images. A new set of tools is emerging, like Photoshop for text.

I've used this analogy as well, though not so eloquently. In my AI speaking events over the last year, I've asked this question about an image generated using AI:

How is it any different to use DALL-E or Stable Diffusion or Photoshop to make an image? What is the fundamental difference?

In that situation, I've been referencing my daughter's Chicken Avocado image that is adorable, but created using AI Image generation. I could have created that in Photoshop or Illustrator.

I think you and I are seeing this right now. While many people in education are largely worried about plagiarism, as the art community has been worried about "real art" (i.e., art created by hand, rather than computer technology).

But we are missing the mark. Generative AI is soon going to be as commonplace as image filters, as Steph says above.

Training ChatGPT for your school.

In the spirit of that approach, last week I demoed the tool I created for principals called Principal Turbo.

Rather than taking whatever ChatGPT happens to have on your school and specifics, this trains ChatGPT specifically to serve you.

So, when you ask ChatGPT to do something, it can actually do things that are based on what you have told it about you and your school.

For example, let's say you want to write a letter of recommendation. You can plop some info into ChatGPT as it is now, and get a letter of recommendation, which you will definitely want to edit.

Instead, let's say you have already taught it about your mission, vision, values and motto for your school, so it knows what matters to you.

You've also taught it who your teachers are and what grade level they teach.

You've also taught it how you write by uploading some example texts to help it know what you sound like.

Now, when you tell it to write a letter about Mrs. Smith, it knows she teaches 3rd grade and knows what skills and attributes you value, so you can then write your letter of recommendation using this tool and it sounds like you, reflects your values, and highlights the things that matter in your school.

Of course, you're still prompting the AI with what you want it to focus on, but what it creates is going to be so much more powerful.

The other significant milestone here is that this marks my latest collaboration with my good friend Danny Bauer. You're going to want to see this.

Check it out here.