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I've had a few interesting conversations about AI this last week. One person sent me a podcast about the athletic director using AI to help maintain communications.

One person sent a request asking for an email tool that will help them answer emails.

It makes me think about all this interaction with AI and whether it is actually useful.

Next week, I'm doing a live workshop for Assistant Principals in Washington State about how to Move Up in their careers.

Perhaps my biggest issue with the AI tools is are they actually better than us at what we are trying to do?

That's the real challenge. Are they actually making us better, or just getting things done quicker.

Getting things done quicker is nice, but you really have to ask yourself, if it's just a box to check and all you want is for it to be done, is it really worth doing?

Tomorrow, we've got a great opportunity to chat more about this question in the AILeader Office Hours, which are happening at 1 pm pacific. Last month, I shared Principal Turbo, the GPT for you to create your own principal voice.

What do YOU want to focus on tomorrow?

I'll see you there at 1:00 pm Pacific.